Lamborghini Reventon

July 7, 2010


The videos already out and i’m not a big fan of this Tinchy Stryder song or video like I have been others.
But the photography taken on set caught me eye.

check it out.

This recently sold at auction for 10,100 Australian dollers.

Hoof Heels

June 27, 2010

Beautiful. True Words.

This is really, just… well i supose a joke because it only made me & Sly laugh. I Mean please, take a look HERE. I can promise anyone theres 300 Bums better than this at my Uni. UH all day. I don’t have to be clocking i just KNOW!

Just Legs and a Back

…lol shame

The Competition in the world

The Competition in the world

I Rest My Case!

This Is Sick, Perfect For Campus Like. You Just Keep Your Plug Safe And Theres No Point In Anyone Stealing Your Mug. Although I Would Be Wishing They Would Just Pour Their Tea…